You’re Invited!

The sport of volleyball is expanding like no other sport! It started gaining more recognition during the 1996 Olympics, and has since become one of the fastest growing sports. More people are playing and watching it than ever. Over 12 million people are talking about it online. Now is the time to get excited about the possibilities. The moment to get involved with Life of Volleyball has arrived!

My name is Laura Hendrickson. I love the sport of volleyball and have one simple motivation for founding Life of Volleyball: to share my passion with others.

I am building my team now at Life of Volleyball to implement a strategic plan to develop this website and APP into a cohesive platform which will:

  1. Find places where people of all ages, locations, and levels can play volleyball.
  2. Integrate the tools and services that players, coaches, fans and affiliate businesses want as membership grows.
  3. Provide authoritative, up-to-date content focused on all the areas of volleyball that our members want to learn about, including training, techniques, play strategies, health, well-being, equipment, and products.


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