Thank you for coming to Life of Volleyball – WELCOME! I’m excited to share the sport of volleyball with all of you. This game is so wonderful and can be played at ages 6 through 80 and beyond at many levels and on many surfaces. Because the sport is so versatile there is huge capacity for growth and I’m here to support this.

Life of Volleyball will be initially focused on finding all places to play volleyball and encouraging people to participate, add places, events and develop new places. There will be monthly contests to see who can identify the most places as well as other challenges that encourage engagement and participation – we are growing our community first! I will actively be taking surveys to find out exactly what you want and how you want to be involved in the sport. I highly encourage feedback and look forward building a site that will be a great place to connect with the people and life of volleyball.

Please take a moment to watch our video, take Survey 1 and connect with us on Facebook, Google + or Instagram. This is a membership website and the first 1000 members will have special insights and privileges so invite your closest volleyball friends and get involved today!

Laura Hendrickson, Founder


1 thought on “Welcome!”

  1. As a long time player and Tournament Director in Hermosa Beach, I am excited about your new venture! I remember being welcomed into beach volleyball (maybe a little reluctantly) by other long time players, and I hope to continue helping with that welcoming through your website!

    Best of luck!

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